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Happy New Year!

The team here at South Valley Internet hopes this version of Hints & Kinks finds you and yours happy and healthy.



Welcome Joel!
















South Valley Internet is very excited to announce the addition of Joel Wakefield to our Wireless team.   We are looking forward to bringing him up to speed quickly.  Should you see Joel in the field please say hello.  He will be the guy looking a bit overwhelmed.



Cable Service is available through SVI!

Don't call Charter, call SVI.  Same speeds less hassle.  Let's keep it local!


DSL Platform Migration for San Martin, San Benito County, The Central Coast and Southern California!!

SVI is in the process of upgrading our DSL platform in the above mentioned areas. Faster speeds may be available. Stay tuned. More info will be headed your way.


SVI Tweets!

Yes, it's true,  South Valley Internet tweets.  If you are a fan of twitter, check us out and say hello! 



Modifications to After Hours Support

Just a quick reminder that as of January 1st, 2015 After Hours Support is available on the following schedule:


Monday - Friday

7:00AM to 9:00AM and again from 6:00PM to 10:00PM


Weekends and Holidays:

9:00AM to 9:00PM


Of course you are welcome to call our office for assistance Monday through Friday from 9:00AM to 6:00PM.



Bring us your old used cell Phones! 

South Valley Internet has partnered with Cell Phones for Soldiers Inc., a non-profit organization dedicated to providing cost-free communication services to active-duty military members and veterans.  We are collecting used cell-phones which will be recycled.   


The money received for the phones is then used to purchase calling cards that will be utilized by our troops.  


The team here at SVI  has all ready sent one package and we are looking forward to sending in another.  Please help us meet our goal! 



We partner with our clients to deliver customized solutions that resolve their most significant issues and create a lasting competitive advantage. 

Utilizing decades of industry experience, SVI Incorporated, is  a leading California business Voice Provider, full service ISP, and Networking company.

The Soap Box

Is a One-Lane Roadway in Downtown Morgan Hill the Best Option?


For years now a debate has been raging in Morgan Hill about whether or not we should reduce the roadway through downtown Morgan Hill to one lane each way, thereby re-engineering its downtown for people over vehicles.


The proponents say;


It will "calm" the flow of traffic along the six blocks of Monterey Street from East Dunne to Main avenues.


It will potentially spur economic growth for local restaurants and shops by making Morgan Hill's downtown district more attractive for pedestrians and cyclists.


More people will visit downtown because there will be fewer cars and trucks on Monterey Road with the accompanying noise, pollution and safety concerns.


It will help Morgan Hill become more of a destination.


Cyclists will be much more prompted to use downtown (and thereby stop at coffee houses along the way?) if traffic were less and more bike racks were installed.


It will improve pedestrian safety.


It will improve the economic viability of the downtown.


The plan is not to prevent vehicles from using downtown's Monterey Road to commute but to make traffic flow more effectively.


The opponents say:


Downtown businesses will lose potential customers as motorists bypass downtown.


Changing habits are hard to do and even though the lanes would be reduced to one each way, people will still be in a hurry to get through town.


The possibility of a "bottleneck" commute through downtown will result in congestion spreading into surrounding neighborhoods.


Drivers will decide to bypass downtown and the slower traffic by taking Butterfield Boulevard.


Commute time through downtown will increase.


Some extra thoughts we have:


Even if you reduce the lanes from two to one, you will still have the traffic and pollution passing by when sidewalk dining.


What is the cost that will be passed onto taxpayers for the work that will have to be performed to reduce the lanes?


Will the cost to restructure the downtown outweigh the benefits?


As a biker, I was never swayed away from the downtown area because of traffic.  In fact I felt that it was safer do to the slower traffic downtown.   I do not believe a reduction in lanes will make that much of a difference.


The team here at SVI is not sure what the answer is, but we do feel like other factors need to be considered, such as cost, time to restructure,  the impact on downtown business and whether or not it will truly make Morgan Hill more of a destination.   


What are your thoughts?  Join in on our conversation on Facebook.


The Good, the Bad, the Ridiculous
Changes... they are a brewing at the CPUC.


For those of you that don't follow the politics at the California Public Utilities Commission, Commissioner Mike Peevey's term as President ended after 12 years under a cloud of bad press and rumors of indictments.  Governor Brown re-appointed Michael Picker to the Commission and designated him President for the ensuing term. Governor Brown also appointed a new comer Liane Randolph from the California Natural Resources Agency to fill the void caused by Commissioner Peevey's departure. Liane has served in several positions at the California Natural Resources Agency, including deputy secretary and general counsel.  Liane has worked on many policy, regulatory and legal issues. The new appointments and changes to staff are being viewed as a Fresh start by some, but it remains to be seen how these changes may impact proceedings pertaining to the Internet. Time will tell. Both appointments were effective January 1, 2015.  


Tech Tips

Ping, a very useful tool!


"Give me a ping, Vasily, one ping only, please."  Just as Sean Connery pinged the submarine Dallas to respond to a message sent by the character Jack Ryan in the Hunt for Red October, those in the ISP industry use Ping to verify if a computer and or circuit are properly connecting to the web.  Consider utilizing Ping yourself, as the command will provide you with detailed information that is very useful in troubleshooting.  
To utilize Ping, select Start > Programs > Accessories > Command Prompt.  This request will open up a command Line Window like the one below.

Next, enter the word ping, followed by a space, then the domain name or IP address you want to ping.


If the results show a series of replies, the connection is working.


So... you opened a command window, you have run the command "ping" and now you have the above response.   
What does all of this mean?  Well, the first line in the response is telling us that my computer sent a packet to the domain  The IP associated with that domain is  By default, a computer pings 4 times and sends a packet that is 32 bytes in size.  Yahoo's server replied to my computer.  In the replies you see the actual IP that replied, the number of bytes sent back and the amount of time it took my packet to reach yahoo and yahoo's response to reach me.  TTL stands for total time to live and is a mechanism that limits the lifespan of data in a computer or network.  Not something you will find useful in basic troubleshooting. I have included a table below with additional ping command options.    
With that being said should you see a response of "Request timed out" this means that there was no response to the ping in the default time period (1 second).  When you encounter this response try pinging another IP or domain that you know accepts ICMP (Internet Control Message Protocol) packets such as  Should you receive the same response "Request timed out" you will know that your computer is not connected to the web and will have a lot more information to provide to a support specialist.   I hope you found this information useful.  
Happy pinging!



Ping -n Count


Determines the number of echo requests to send. The default is 4 requests.

Ping -w Timeout


Enables you to adjust the timeout (in milliseconds). The default is 4,000 (a 4-second timeout).

Ping -l Size


Enables you to adjust the size of the ping packet. The default size is 32 bytes.

Ping -f

Sets the Do Not Fragment bit on the ping packet. By default, the ping packet allows fragmentation.

Ping /?

Provides help.


Cuda's Corner
Since Cuda came online in early December:
  1. It has logged over 3,696,034 emails
  2. Caught 69,639 viruses
  3. On a daily basis it blocks a little over 43,000 emails.
  4. To date, Cuda has received 14,607,328 emails.
  5. In an average day, we receive over 205,000 emails.
This Month's Testimonial


South Valley Internet has what can only be described as the most phenomenal customer service in cyberspace.  Recently I requested an increase in the bandwidth on my line.  The SVI customer service folks completed their part of the job within minutes.  I was advised my bandwidth would be increased once Verizon completed their portion of the  process which might take a couple of days.  I checked in with SVI the following week and was told Verizon had not yet done this but that SVI would keep after them.  And did they ever!  I believe each member of the customer service staff at SVI contributed something creative to my getting my increased bandwidth.  They kept after Verizon until success was achieved!  Now I can download to my heart's content!  I am so glad I found South Valley Internet!


Many Thanks,


Pat P. 

Gilroy, CA     



PO Box 1246
San Martin, CA 95046


 Companies coast to coast rely on SVI to gain and maintain 
their competitive edge.

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